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Weekdays 0830 - 1730

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Tel: 023 81550049

About Us

Barn Owls as a Preschool of Tomorrow

In our setting we build on what children can do! Not teach them what they can’t!

We are scaffolding on their already achieved skills and experiences. Through well balanced adult and child initiated activities we’ll support your child’s educational development. We provide a wide range of resources for self-directed discovery allowing children to make their own choices about the method of achieving planned targets, and then to reflect on what they’ve done, with possible mistakes and satisfaction from the achieved goals. We celebrate success but also talk about challenges, mistakes, why things are difficult, what stops us from making progress or trying harder to achieve the goals.

Like your child….. We are unique!

A small setting offering children a family-like atmosphere with small group activities tailored to children’s current interests and needs. We approach each child as an individual therefore we employ an extended number of staff to provide a high quality of individual day care. Barn Owls is a place where British Values of tolerance and respect for each other are actively promoted. We’ll make provision for children to grow into confident, self-aware critical thinkers whose questions are valued and opinions respected. 

We’re friendly to the environment.

We make learning interesting and ensure it is matched to all children’s exact level of development and individual pace at which they learn. Barn Owls will work with two age groups: older (3-4 years) and younger (under 3s) providing appropriate activities and preparing children for their next educational step. For the future preschool leavers we plan various additional activities like literacy and numeracy, which will give the children confidence and skills expected in new schools.

During regular arranged Key Group Times children will have the opportunity to speak their own voice, express and share their views, learn to value each other, take turns and talk about things important to them. Children will learn what’s right or wrong, how to take decisions and be responsible for the choices they have made, how to collaborate and understand rules.

Barn Owls Preschool
Barn Owls Preschool
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Barn Owls Preschool

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